An automated controller provides a soft start ramp for the Electric Motor to defeat start up torque. This is because it is slaved against the Air Conditioning system compressor. The controller allows programming to shape the power demand curve, which eliminates spiking from motor/compressor demand, and maximizes efficiency of available current. Its features include the ability to protect motor from under/over voltage spikes and senses current requirement at start. These features extend the life of the DC Motor and contribute to the robustness of operation.

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is required to stabilize the DC current management and to regulate the DC current supplied. The control unit manages the current generated through an electronic power board, rather than mechanically. This provides maximum power and is capped off so system does not see excessive amperage.

Relay timers manage charging sequencing for DC circuits. Relay/Delays are used to manage sequencing of soft starts and assure long life duty cycling. A computer is used to track operating events.

Solar DC Charge controller

DC Line power Charge Controller

Dual Line Fuse bar

System capable of managing 240,000 watts of power per day

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